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I am an engineer. I have a PhD in computer science. I founded multiple startups, build large platform and apps, I am a consultant and I founded a non-profit association to promote sustainability.

I have been searching for an engineering job with a responsible company, that makes a real difference for quite a while and noticed that the companies are there and the engineers are there, but they barely meet.

Being in-between both worlds, I go to sustainability meetups and I participate in conferences and events for developers. Sometimes they overlap a little, but mostly they take place each in its own world.

As engineers we build the world of tomorrow. Our future depends on us. Whatever we put our energy towards is being created. No other discipline has the same creative power as programming. A few lines of code and a new user experience has been created. The world is being changed by our creations. Some call it disrupting markets; changing the rules. I call it creating new worlds.

It matters very much what we give our attention. Sometimes we are driven by the problem without thinking through the consequences of our solutions. Sometimes we just want to program and we really don’t care how business is selling the results as long as we have interesting problems to solve. Sometimes we are just building the tools that others use to build the products.

Whatever it is, it is time to own it. We need to take responsibility for our creations and we need to decide what is worth to be created by us. No business succeeds without our support. This great power and with great power comes great responsibility. 

The rspnsbl initiative is my approach to address this. I am eager to learn and share about taking responsibility as a developer, founder, organisation and I am looking for partners, developers, organisations and you to put this together and bring this to life.

I started this in August 2019 and I hope this will inspire you all to join me in taking responsibility for everything we build.

Dr Marco Blumendorf

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